Platinum Gray Marble

plat gray
With Platinum Gray®, we invite you to discover mesmerizing beauty hidden in the deeps of nature…

It is a marble that is easily preferred indoors and outdoors. Since it is a stone between limestone and marble, it can be used easily on the exterior. It is a preferred marble for tables and kitchen counters. It is a stylish and elegant marble.

Our Projects


Ürün Türü

Between Limestone and Marble

Mermer Tipi

Tundra Grey

Product Color


Product Thickness

2 cm – 3 cm Slabs

Special Product Size Options

2x30x60 – 2x60x120 – 2x80x80 – 2x60x60

Product Usage Areas

Floor, Cladding, Facade, Exterior, Special designs, Table, Fireplace cladding

Marble Quarry (City)