Marble; We measure it in the most accurate way by professional operators and take it out in blocks. During this meticulous work, we never damage the natural texture of the marble.



Sirmersan, which processes the beauties offered by nature with skillful hands and applies modern, stylish and contemporary decorations to its fields of activity, can provide sufficiency for all kinds of demands with its wide production capacity. Sirmersan, one of the top companies in the field of marble quarry management, offers the products obtained personally to the users with four factories and six quarries within its body. With its professional operator teams in the field, it extracts blocks without damaging the texture of the stone. As a result of the processes that operate with a high level of meticulousness, it becomes inevitable to obtain extremely high quality and natural products. Sirmersan, which is among the global marble quarry companies, stands out with its success and quality service delivery considering its working principles and the projects it has signed. The marble quarries within the company receive full marks from the users with their decisive production strategies in the sector.
Natural Stones Produced in Sirmersan’s Own Quarries

The company, which produces large quantities of marble and travertine in its factories and quarries with high production capacity, has a well-established position among the marble quarry companies in our country and in the world. Sirmersan, which works in many fields of activity such as government buildings, embassies, hotels, institutions, offices, houses, etc., obtains various natural stones in its own quarries. One of them, crema fatin, attracts attention with its heartwarming appearance. On the other hand, white pearl, which is one of the popular choices with the most natural form of marble, carries the spacious visuals brought by the light tones of nature to the activity areas. In addition, blueway dolomite, which creates the strong impression provided by dark color options, can create designs compatible with many areas of use. In addition, palissandro dolomite, which impresses with its artistic lines and soft transitions, is among the natural stones produced by Sirmersan in its own quarries. In addition, many other stones such as bianco aura, cafe mina, vision grey are other collection products obtained in the quarries of the company. Sirmersan, which carries out studies that are the most accurate answer to the question of what is a marble quarry, achieves superior success with its targets that reach larger and larger dimensions day by day.
Denizli Travertine and Marble Production

Denizli, one of the most important natural stone production centers of our country, is one of the central production regions of Sirmersan. Denizli travertine marble products have a worldwide reputation and are appreciated by all users with their fairytale-like appearance. The company, which allows the natural beauties of our country to enter our living spaces, carries out uniform works with extremely comprehensive studies. It has an important role in all stages by processing travertines with professional works from their rawest form to the element of decoration. Sirmersan, with its Denizli marble factories and quarries, has carried out high-level projects in various parts of the world. By guaranteeing its place among the most sought-after companies in the sector with its successful works, it draws attention as one of the manufacturers that set the service bar thanks to its professional team in all areas.
Production Capacity of Natural Stone Quarries within Sirmersan

With its four factories and six natural stone quarries, Sirmersan is among the companies that produce enough to expand to the world. Sirmersan, which produces 900,000 m² of marble and travertine as well as 80,000 m³ of blocks annually, makes great progress in its goal of opening up to the world with its Denizli marble quarries and global offices. With the high production capacity it has developed, it has the product scale and quantity that can provide sufficiency for all kinds of design demands. It allows natural stone and marble to be adapted to any field of activity. It can also provide guidance for the decorations to be created for the relevant spaces with its professional design team.