About Us

Our Story

As Sirmersan Marble, giving a second life to nature by transforming the texture of nature into living spaces beyond your dreams since 1991, with the vision of being a universal value; For those who want to see the art in nature wherever they look, we bring technology and aesthetics together with our experienced employees with an innovative approach and offer them to your use with our mission to give meaning to natural stone.

While we produce 900,000 m2 of natural stone annually with our production area consisting of four factories and six quarries, we process our products with the understanding of special selection with our high-tech machinery. At the same time, we support various projects with our architect and design team. We add value to our customers, who are the assurance of our future, with the investments we make in R&D and P&D in terms of sustainability and making a difference in the sector.

We make a difference with our wide product range consisting of more than 60 different stone types in Tile Collection® and Slab Collection® categories, and we continue to be the international representative and solution partner of Lapitec® company, which gives aesthetic value to stone. In addition, with our brand Design Elements, which we launched with the idea of presenting natural stone in its most special form, we combine the original colors and patterns of natural stone with simplicity and aesthetics, and transform the designs we design inspired by the essence of nature into customizable marble decorative products. We care about quality service in all our activities and focus on the happiness of our employees and customers with a sense of social responsibility.