Surface Treatments

Since the textures, colors and variations of natural materials continue in all materials, you can create difference and functionality in your projects by choosing the place where the material will be used and the aesthetic appearance of the Surface Works options. You can apply multiple Surface Work options one after the other and achieve endless variations on the material surface as desired. You can contact our technical team for areas that can be used and for more detailed information. You can contact our technical team for areas that can be used and for more detailed information.










Surface Works

Marble and natural stones stand out as one of the popular choices for decorative and robust designs due to their aesthetic appearance, durability and longevity. Surface works are techniques used to meet the requirements of stylish design and harmony that complement natural stone and marble surfaces. They can also provide protection against stains, scratches and weathering. Surface treatments applied to natural stone and marble also enhance the safety and functionality of the existing operational space. On the other hand, like any natural stone, these products may require maintenance and repair depending on the area where they are used. Marble models for walls, stairs, countertops or floors may show wear and tear over time and may not maintain their aesthetic integrity. Various surface treatments applied in such cases protect the health of the stone while increasing elegance and elegance. Sirmersan offers high-level marble surface treatment techniques with the experience of its special design team and expert production staff.
What are the Surface Works Applied to Marble and Natural Stones?
There are some surface treatments such as marble, natural stone and travertine surface treatment applied for aesthetic or repair purposes. These treatments play an important role in completing and emphasizing the aesthetic appearance and can repair scratches, stains and other damage that may occur over time. For example, honed surface treatments can make natural stone rough and aesthetically pleasing, while preventing some slip hazards. The honed marble process creates small roughnesses on the surface of the stone. The honed marble feature that eliminates the slippery structure can be preferred in areas such as floors and stairs. However, another application among the related processes is bamboo marble surface works. This process allows the creation of charismatic designs with its striped and scalloped appearance. On the other hand, polished marble surface works, which are among the popular applications, give the stone a shiny appearance while eliminating scratches, stains, etc. wear. Marble, natural stone or travertine surface treatments can provide similar maintenance and repair opportunities. Especially tumbled marble travertine processes, together with the techniques used, reflect the ambience of ancient times to your spaces. This style has remained popular from ancient civilizations to the present day. Marble tumbling methods can create styles that adapt to all fields of activity. 

Honed an Carding Surface Styles
Different surface techniques that create aesthetic appearance with unique styles are among the services offered by Sirmersan. For example, scalloped marble surface design can be used frequently in many fields of activity, while bringing safe environments and elegance. Sirmersan brings style to all kinds of activity areas with its very popular scalloped marble surface works. While preserving the natural appearance of the stone surface, this process also stands out as a repair method used to remove cracks and roughness on the surface. The scalloped marble design, which attracts attention with the complementary aura it creates in decors, is frequently used in open areas such as pool sides, terraces, garden paths, etc., eliminating the danger of possible slippery floors. In addition, brushed marble surface applications, which are appreciated for their matte appearance, can be preferred in many spaces with their clear and simple style. In addition, it has a restorative quality for situations such as contamination, wear and damage on stone, travertine or marble. Brushed marble designs that create elegant styles can be preferred in many areas of activity such as hotels, institutions, houses, etc. This technique stands out as one of the alternatives that can be used in all natural stones by creating brushed travertine models. Another method applied to obtain a rough appearance on the stone surface is the sandy marble technique. This technique is among the options frequently used especially in marble and travertine. In addition, sun blasting marble surface operations within the scope of rough surface works can be shown as an example of the unique styles that Sirmersan offers to users.

Price Ranges for Surface Finishing

Sirmersan brings modern interpretations to ordinary space decorations with many different options such as polished, tumbled, brushed, honed marble surfaces depending on the area of use. Among the factors that determine the price, there may be many factors such as the size of the area, the size of the product to be used, and the type of process to be applied. For example, polished marble prices can appeal to all budgets as they are standard polishing applications. Similarly, honed marble prices can create low costs as they are techniques for matting. On the other hand, tumbled marble techniques, one of the popular surface treatments, include applications such as hammering, sanding, cracking and brushing. Tumbled travertine marble prices may vary depending on the type of stone, its size, the processes to be applied or the size of the area concerned. Travertine aging methods are carried out by the expert work team within Sirmersan. In addition, brushing options that can create simple styles while removing roughness or bubbles on the stone surface can provide competence in all issues such as maintenance, repair and aesthetics. Brushed marble prices are determined similarly to other processes, depending on factors such as the type of stone, the labor required or the surface size. However, another method that offers long-term use while increasing the durability of the existing natural stone decor is the sandblasting technique. Sandblasted marble prices are determined according to options such as patterned, smooth, fine and coarse sandblasting. In addition, the materials used, labor, the size of the relevant surface, etc. are some of the factors that make up the cost. In addition to these, scalloped surface choices, which combine aesthetics and safety elements, stand out among the most popular alternatives. Scalloped marble prices may vary depending on the intensity of the process, the quality of the company or the type of stone. The bamboo option, another popular surface treatment, is appreciated for its coarse serrated structure and symmetrical lines. Like other methods, bamboo surface marble prices are determined depending on factors such as the type of natural stone, the width of the area to be applied and the quality of workmanship.